Service Level Agreement at a glance

Whilst we did everything we could during and post pandemic to support our customers, it was inevitable that we could not sustain the SLA fee price freeze indefinitely. In 2023, there has been a slight price increase to the fee for most groups of customers. The main change will be the standardisation of the price for schools. We no longer have a two tier system (primary and secondary schools) but a set price across the board  regardless of whether it is a primary school, a secondary school or a through school. Customers who have extended SLA's will not be affected by this change until their SLA is due for renewal.

In 2022, in order to help reduce our carbon footprint, our brochures were only available in an electronic format.  We will continue to do this and you can view the current (2023-24) ones by clicking on the relevant links below.  

The 2023-24 SLA price and package at a glance details can be found on page 8 of each brochure followed by the Service List.  These are the links to each of those documents for quick access.

The package covers advice and support on technical issues and contract administration, when using our approved contractors through us only. It does not cover the contractors costs for repairs, maintenance or works carried out. All annual subscriptions run in line with the financial year - April to March and customers will be charged accordingly. Prices do not include VAT.  SLA subscription renewals can be submitted from January onwards but must be done by the end of March 2023 (unless otherwise agreed with Built Environment) as late submissions may incur an admin charge. We are, however, asking if customers could complete their submission by 11 March each year as that would enable us to begin processing the schedules in time for an April start.  Schools can register directly from our website (which links to Bradford Schools Online) or via the normal Bradford Schools Online route.

Where we are charged an abortive fee for a service visit (requested by the customer) that is no longer required (but has not been cancelled with us in a timely manner), then the full cost of that charge will be invoiced to the customer.  This also applies if the equipment to be serviced is not on site at the time of the visit or if the customer refuses the contractor access to the site when an appointment has been made (and agreed) in advance of the visit. 

Customers can take advantage of a price freeze (of the base SLA cost) for the length of an SLA if signing up for 2 years or more. 

The SLA fee will be fixed for the term of the agreement on the subscription form so may offer savings for long term subscriptions. Customers signing for one year, or cancelling an SLA, may be subject to an increase in price for subsequent years or upon re-registering. When a subscription is cancelled, expires or renewal is allowed to lapse then any prior agreements will also cease. 


An electronic invoice (where possible) will be sent for the SLA fee following receipt of the subscription.  Customers will most likely receive this via email once  set up by the Council (if registered for e-invoicing).  Payment is required within 28 days of date of invoice.