Gas and boiler servicing

Gas appliances must be serviced annually to comply with legislation and council policy. In addition to the boiler maintenance, gas pipework (between the gas meter and boiler) must also be maintained in a safe condition. It is advisable that if a gas pipe test is required to be carried out, that this is done at same time as the boiler servicing in your school.

Landlords Certificate*

If you have a Caretaker’s house (on or off site) for which you collect rent then your governors are classed as landlords. Legislation requires that you provide a Landlords Certificate for all such buildings. This Regulation imposes 2 main duties on Landlords concerning:

a) Annual safety checks on gas appliances/flues.
b) Ongoing maintenance. 

It is important to recognise although related, these duties are separate and distinct. All appliances on site must be identified and any defects noted. The test should include all pipe work and meter installations within the buildings.

Cost for providing a certificate (when carried out at the same time as the Annual Boiler Services visit) is more cost effective than having a certificate inspection on its own.

We will:

  • Monitor the contract ensuring work is carried out in accordance with specifications.
  • Conduct spot checks to inspect the standard of workmanship analysing the flue gases to ensure burners are operating efficiently and safely i.e. not emitting excessive levels of smoke or carbon monoxide.

Breakdowns of costs which are extra to the service work are carried out on a labour plus materials basis.

You can also request servicing/testing of the following in your school:

  • Domestic Cookers
  • Science Blocks
  • Any other Gas Pipework
  • Mixing Valves
  • Catering Air Quality Testing
  • Bunsen Burners

*All appliances in residential domestic properties will require a Landlords Certificate 


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