Condition Surveys

Our team of Surveyors has the technical knowledge and expertise to advise and guide you in producing a maintenance plan for your school.

The general principle of any maintenance plan is to reduce the high cost of Emergency Works and Day to Day reactive repairs by the implementation of a predetermined programme of planned maintenance work.

The Maintenance Plan produced from the Condition Survey enables both parties to be informed of the condition of the building and estimated costs/priority of repairs.

For such a strategy to work it is essential to have an understanding of what property maintenance actually means; in its broader sense it can be defined as having the following objectives (not in priority order):

  • Minimising cost of repairs
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Prolonging the buildings useful and economic life
  • Allowing the building to function correctly
  • Providing a pleasant environment
  • Reducing serious structural problems
  • Compliance with lease requirements
  • Preserving the capital investment
  • Preserving our heritage (listed buildings)

Included within your annual subscription is an allowance of 2 site visits (each one being for a separate query) to provide advice and guidance as outlined above.

Extra time/visits in addition would be charged as an addition to your annual subscription.

Exclusion of Free Schools and Academies - cost for this service can be provided on enquiry.

Plans produced can assist with the production of Fire Risk Assessments and Asbestos Management Registers