Fire alarm maintenance

The Annual Maintenance Scheme is offered to ensure Fire Alarm Systems and Emergency Lighting Installations within your school are tested and serviced to comply with Part 6, Section 26 of BS 5839-1:2013, Section 12 of BS 5266-1: 2011 and Section 7 of BS50172 2004, this involves the testing and servicing of the batteries, the annual duration testing of your emergency lighting and statutory operational tests of the fire alarm systems and components. These tests require up to a maximum of four visits per annum for compliance with current regulations.

Built Environment maintains the Authority’s Estate and many of the systems within schools.

Fire Alarm

If during the 6 monthly Fire Alarm Servicing, the panel batteries are found to be faulty (or out of date) our engineers will inform you of the fault and give advice on appropriate procedures to follow. If you should require us to replace the batteries for you then this can be done however please note that there will be a charge for this.

Your monthly emergency lighting and weekly fire alarm checks must still be carried out along with record keeping of all activities. It is very important to ensure you keep up to the minimum service levels to comply with the relevant British Standards.

Schools interested in joining or renewing the subscription to the scheme must tick and complete the relevant details on the subscription form.