Asbestos Management Unit

The Asbestos Management Unit is responsible for managing asbestos within all Council occupied buildings and ensures that the Council complies with all HSE Legislation relating to asbestos.

Bradford Council has an Asbestos Policy that states how Bradford Council will deal with and manage any asbestos within its’ buildings.

As part of the Council’s overall Asbestos Management Strategy the Asbestos Management Unit has produced Asbestos Management Plans for all operational buildings, which contain all the information needed for the Building Custodian to manage asbestos in their building.

The duties of the Building Custodian/Duty Holder are explained in the 'Introduction Sheet' of the Asbestos Management Plan that is created for customers by us. 

The Asbestos Management Unit provide the following services to customers:-

  • Advice on management and removal of asbestos containing materials.
  • Identification of suspect asbestos containing materials.
  • Arrangements for asbestos removals.
  • Maintenance of the Council’s Asbestos Data and Documents.

The Asbestos Management Unit is the first point of contact for advice and information on asbestos or to report any asbestos issues/incidents.

If in Doubt ASK.

Contact Numbers

Asbestos Management Unit – 01274 433562

Helpdesk – 01274 431877

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