Project design and construction

Our qualified personnel offer a professional, technical service and will listen to your ideas and requirements before offering advice and guidance on your proposals.

We will produce a feasibility study, incorporating budget estimates and ensure that these are within your financial limitations. There is a charge for this service.

We will ensure that the scheme meets the requirements of health and safety legislation, construction and design management regulations, planning and building control, obtaining planning consent and building regulation approval where required.

On the clients agreement and written authorisation we will produce a full specification, schedule of works along with associated construction drawings including any appointed consultants designs eg Structural drawings. Each tender will be issued under JCT standard building contracts and tendered following the councils standing orders and financial regulations and that the contractors who are invited to tender have been vetted to ensure that they are financially secure, have the relevant public liability and indemnity insurances and a proven Health and Safety policy.

We will ensure that all Audit requirements are met and will undertake any required discussions with the DCFS on your behalf.

We will provide contract and financial monitoring throughout the project reporting regularly to the school on the contract progress.

We will manage practical completion/handover and will monitor during the defects period with retention of monies until the end of the period. 

There is a separate contract management fee for this service based on a percentage of the final cost. This fee does not include statutory fees such as planning and building control applications, CDM or the appointment of any external consultants such as structural design engineers, these fees are dependant on size and type of project.

Full budget breakdown will be provided prior to the clients authorisation to proceed.

If you are interested then please contact us via email with details of your project.